Why choose our company.

our company adhering to "safe, quick, professional, economical, good faith" as the service purpose.


1. Unprofessional sales who cannot make the right suggestion on the greatest sailing way for their clients.
2. The freight is not transparent, and they will high charge after the goods are shipped, which leads to continuous complaints from customers;
3. Few flights, poor selectivity, and waiting for a long time;
4. If the goods are delivered by multiple suppliers, it is impossible to provide the warehouse to store the goods first;
5. No professional operation team can properly handle the unexpected problems in the transportation of goods;
6. During the peak season, the positions are not booked and the positions need to be arranged;
7. They can't provide a one-stop service.


1. Experienced senior business consultant for many years, followed up and provided professional sailing routes according to customers' needs;
2. Both the port of departure and port of destination are marked with price,no extra charges.
3. Several flights a week to meet customers' delivery needs;
4. Have multiple warehouses to meet customers' storage needs;
5. More than 10 years of experienced operaters, the first time to effectively deal with problems;
6. Five star shipping company and the core agent of the airline company, directly and first-hand, guarantee the position supply;
7.Arrange "first class" for your goods and insurance for your goods.



1. We can help our clients with translation/hotel booking/travel guide when they come over to China for business or purchasing.

2. If any of our client has many suppliers at one time but they can’t make delivery at the same time,

we can provide free storage at our warehouse for the small cargo.

3. As promotion, for orders placed to us in November,2017, cargo insurance will be free of charge.


Our company specializes in International Freight, we are engaged in freight forwarding services from China to overseas.

Ocean Freight
As one of the quality sea freight service providers in China, we offer a full range of...
Air Freight
We developed strong relationships with major air carriers around the world. Such as EK/QR/CA...
Door to door service
Golden Team Freight's door to door service is designed to take the worry out of your shipment.
An important point to consider when importing to or exporting from China is warehousing.



Our company specializes in international freight forwarding services and we are engaged in freight forwarding services from China to overseas .
With superior service and reasonable price. You will not need to worry about your goods facing the risks that incurring from the packing damage, misleading & short-shipment under our sincere help. Because our company owns excellent managements, professionals and satisfying warehouses.